Lockdown Diaries – John McCormak

Lockdown Diaries – John McCormak

John McCormick - Corona Diaries


To keep sane during lockdown and the ticker ticking I also decided to join the marathon during lockdown fraternity. Making use of the limited space my course is about 80 metres long with 12 or so twists and turns and steepish driveway. My marathon is done and dusted, and the next target is 90 kms – Comrades which with the extension gives me time to accomplish it. To date I have run a total of 63 kms in 9 hrs 30 mins at just over 9 mins per km. This equates to 787 laps and 9444 twists and turns, talk about going around the bend. To add another madness to this whole thing I stupidly decided to stop having the odd beer or two needless to say the extended lockdown hasn’t helped, but it is what it is. I am sure there are tons of garden runners out there, keep going the end must come and oh yes pass me a cold one, a large please.

John McCormack