Stella Committee

End of Year Message from the Chairman


Greetings to all Stella Members,

So ends another extremely busy and successful year for Stella Athletic Club. In terms of judging the success of the year I have looked at the following criteria:

  • The achievement of goals by the club and athletes
  • The numbers of athletes who have signed up as members
  • The number of athletes who are active at races
  • The number of athletes who participate in the monthly Club Time Trial and the Time Trial league
  • The number of members who participate in club and fundraising events
  • The success of the annual Stella Royal 10 / 25 km race
  • Being innovative in the athletics space (i.e. trail runs)

In times where road running appears to be going through a bit of a slump in terms of the number of events being put on and a shortage of sponsors, Stella AC appears to be going from strength to strength.  Our numbers are growing and most importantly the majority of these new members are actively involved in our weekly activities. We must be doing something right as we are also approached at most races to ask how people can join our awesome club. This will only happen if the Stella members are good ambassadors on the road and in the community. The spirit of our athletes during and after races is unparalleled. This was particularly evident at the recent Illovo Sugar Christmas Run. I was so proud to be a Stella member.

It has been particularly heart-warming to see the commitment of the members to the Club when we need help with maintenance and other projects. We all have our own special skills and can help in our own way. If that way is your ‘time’, that is appreciated. If you have other skills that can be utilized please speak to a Committee member and we will be grateful for your contribution. There are plans to renovate the Den in early 2019 and we will need all those skills and ideas to ensure that we get the best result possible.

With the Committee and members all pulling in the same direction I foresee a productive and hugely successful 2019. Most people will be looking forward to a rest over the festive season. Rest up and come back refreshed and looking forward to a busy January running schedule. To those dedicated Comrades runners who are working on their base over the festive season I urge you to try get some quality rest. The hard months are still ahead and you need to be injury free to tackle them.

To all Stella members I would like to wish you and your families a blessed Christmas and trust that 2019 will bring you all health, happiness and success.


Dave Beattie

Stella Athletic Club Chairman

2018/19 Chairman’s Welcome

In July the 2018 Annual General Meeting was held in the Den. The out-going Chairman, Derek McMaster, reported on another successful year for Stella Athletic Club. He also announced that he would not be standing for re-election. As they say, the only things that you can be sure of in life are death and taxes. I would like to add ‘change’. It is important to embrace change and it was with this enthusiasm that the first monthly committee meeting of the new term was held. The first task that needed to be tackled was the nomination of the new committee and the appointment of office bearers. The process went extremely well with various skilled people being nominated to and accepting positions. For the success of any organisation it is important to have the right skills being utilised in important positions, and this was certainly evident in all the positions. With such a competent team in place I had no hesitation in proudly accepting the position of Chairman. Kevin Hendrikse was nominated and accepted the position of Vice-Chair. The full list of the committee members and their portfolios will soon be on the board in the Den. This year we have decided to also put up photos of the committee members so that club members can put a face to a name (You can view the new team here).

Managing a non-profit organisation like a sports club is a challenge. It is made more difficult by financial challenges and the general competition for resources. A club is made up of an extremely diverse group of people, with every member equally important to us and it is our duty to ensure that we offer an environment that allows all our members to run in a supportive and friendly environment. A successful club will balance these issues correctly.

As I mentioned above finances play an important role in the successful operation of any club. Whilst it is an unfortunate fact that the economy is under stress at the moment, what we can count on is the fact that every Stella member has specific skills that if tapped into could greatly assist in the successful operation of the club. We would greatly appreciate it if the members could offer these skills to the club for all Stella endeavours so that available finances can be utilised to develop our athletes and create a club environment that all members can enjoy. If all that you can provide is your labour that will also be greatly appreciated.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two departing committee members. Thanks to Derek for his commitment to ensuring that the Athletics Section and its interests were well looked after. Thank you to Tanya for her firm grip on the section’s finances and particularly her management of the bar. Both of their efforts have gone a long way to ensuring that the club remains on a firm financial footing.

We look forward to a very busy year ahead. As a committee we are already planning events that will not only entertain members but also raise vital funds for our club. The Stella Royal 25 / 10 km race is also already on the planning board. We are searching for sponsors that will allow us to put on a memorable race and would like all members to make a concerted effort to highlight opportunities that the committee could explore. With competition for such money so tight please provide either Kevin or myself with the names and contact details of potential sponsors and we will make the necessary approaches.

In summary the purpose of any committee is to advance the interests of an organisation’s members. We promise to faithfully do so and I urge you to approach anyone on the committee if you have any challenges or concerns regarding the club.  Together we can ensure that Stella remains one of the premier athletics clubs in KZN and South Africa.

Stella Stars are bright as we stick together.


Dave Beattie

Stella Athletic Club Chairman

Dave compressed

Dave Beattie Chairman  082 378 5655