A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand


Since I took up running there are many lessons I’ve learnt but there are two pieces of advice that I would pass on:

1. Join a running club.
Not only will it greatly improve your running ability, motivate you and
allow you to reach goals you could only dream of but more importantly, it will demonstrate a sense of community that I feel that we as a society may have been starting to forget about. Whether it be waiting for a fellow slower runner/walker, sharing a breakfast after a morning run, or simply celebrating the achievements of fellow athletes, there is no better family to be a member of.

2. Pay it forward.
Every runner starts with someone willing to sacrifice their time and their own runs to patiently walk and run between lamp posts or run at a slower pace than they would normally. This happens because every runner wants to share the sense of enjoyment, achievement and joy that they experience once they break through the barrier of believing “I won’t enjoy running” or “it hurts too much”. There is nothing more satisfying for fellow runners than seeing others starting to fall in love with running/walking.

COVID-19 has radically changed the way we live our lives, one of the terrible consequences has been widespread salary reductions, retrenchments, and loss of income for many businesses and individuals. We feel now more than ever we need to support and uplift our community. For this reason, we will be launching an initiative on our Facebook page for Stella members as well as the greater Stella community. The purpose of the initiative will be for businesses to share details of their services/offerings or for members to post job vacancies or for job seekers to post their availability.
Although we exercise together on a regular basis, we don’t always take the time to find out what we all do for a living. Stella receives a huge amount of support from our members and surrounding business community and we feel at a time like this we should try and support one another. We would urge everyone to consult the Facebook page for services they may need in the coming weeks and months e.g. plumbing, electrical, products, etc.

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