Juddy Walker

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t join Stella to boost coffee sales but rather to get fit. Having said
that, coffee sales are soaring thanks to the club.

I really appreciate the support in these crazy times, even the daily verbal abuse from Dave is worth
the increase in turnover.

It’s coming up to a year now since I joined (reminds me my subs are due) and I find myself in the
strange situation that I still can’t keep up with the walkers and running to catch up, but not with
enough stamina to stay with the runners. I believe the term is “jeffing”. So, I’ve decided to do my
running in secret, early mornings alone when no one can see me coughing out sections of my lung,
or hear my new Garmin 45 (in Lava Red) alerting me that my heart rate shouldn’t be hovering
around 210!

My evil plan is to magically appear at the next Thursday Time Trial with the body of a 14-year-old
Greek boy and out run Craig George by a full 2 minutes. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for all the support & new friendships.

Juddy Poo

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