Chairman’s Chirp

Happy New Year to you all.

We have entered a year of great uncertainty on many fronts. I am going to focus on athletics though.

With no physical races since lockdown first started, I’m sure that you are all pretty frustrated. The bad news is that there is unlikely to be any races for at least the first half of the year. Some of the year’s biggest races have already been cancelled and I know only too well what such a decision does to these clubs. Stella like any club relies on its race to boost its coffers. The majority of this money is used to pay fixed monthly expenses and also cover certain events that are put on for the members. Without this money hard decisions will need to be made by all clubs. Stella AC will have the same problems as it will not be possible to put on our Stella Royal in early March. We have requested another date in the second half of the year but are yet to hear back from KZNA.

Our second biggest source of revenue is membership fees. Without this money it would be very difficult to run the club. I believe that as a club we need to stand together to ensure that Stella remains the strong club that it has always been. It is for this reason that I ask that you please renew your membership with the club and buy your licence for 2021. KZNA and ASA cannot run offices without the money received from such licences. If they cannot operate no services will be supplied to athletes or clubs. I see the licence renewal as a leap of faith to ensure that once we get through this pandemic that the sport that we love can quickly get back on its feet and offer the races that we all participate in.

The ASA and club membership forms are available on the Stella AC website. Please complete them, make the payment and send all necessary documentation to If you have any questions, please address them to Pat Freeman at the above e-mail address. The membership fees remain unchanged from 2020.

Thank you for your time and your commitment to Stella AC. If you would like to discuss any of these issues with me, please message or phone me privately.

Regards Dave Beattie.

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