Illovo Christmas Run

By: Gina Hinchliffe

Without a doubt, Stella deserved  recognition for its Spirit on this annual voyage around Westville.

Just look at that team spirit altogether.


Whilst some were carting the booze trolley, others were panting to keep up. With Alistair at the helm, the day was cut out for us.  It was great team work with all the volunteers who offered to pull and push the booze cart. Compulsory regrouping allowed for some well deserved refreshments replenishment.

Little did we know  of the hidden talent at Stella. Craig George performing a tremendous MC job with his newly found music box. What a find Craig !!!

Then we had the super energised Nana, who not only did a brilliant job  relieving Craig  and encouraging our own green Leprechauns but also offered  sprinting  sessions up the gruelling hills to the other booze busses.

After years and years of not having done this race, it was clear that Stella have still got that Spirit and even more special was to introduce Kayla to the Stella Spirit on this race. Now she knows why we carted her around in her jogger so many years ago. The last time Kayla did this  race was in 2005.

Gina and Kayla

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