Golden Gate Wild Series Trail Run

By: Dumisani Zungu

My name is Dumisani Zungu and I am based in Johannesburg. My first running club was Stella Athletic Club in 2002 while I was still based in Durban. I have fond memories of Stella running community and I always make a point  if I am in Durban to train with Stella runners. I  would like to share my experience of trail running. I took a break from running the Comrades Marathon and I was looking for new challenges. I decided to explore trail running and it has been an amazing experience. In October I took a sho’t left to Golden Gate National Park to participate in a three day trail series. Day 1- 27KM, Day 2 – 29km, Day 3 – 17km. Total kilometers  over three days is 73km. This is a tough challenge, climbs are steep and technical. It tests your mind and patience. Grit, determination and courage is required to complete the race. If you are a fast road runner it humbles you where you end up taking 10 minutes to run 1 kilometre. It was a privilege to run Golden Gate Wild Series and I will recommend to any runner to experience this adventure once in a lifetime.

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