Capital Climb – a very different type of race – more of an experience!!

By: Therese Hurly


Therese, Margie and Anver at the end of Capital Climb

I had heard of the Capital Climb over the years (it started in 1976) and never thought of doing it, except that this year it was counting double points in the King & Queen of the Mountain race series.

The race is 15 km long, and starts from Voortrekker High School with a 6km stretch of steep road leading up the hill to World’s View. I never walk early in a race, but this road definitely called for it. It was tempting to turn off with the 5km Fun run group onto a flat road along the way.

Finally at the top, World’s View was as promised; beautiful forests of wattle and gum trees, and the southern Drakensberg Mountains in the distance. The fresh cool air made running along the flat farm type roads between the plantations a pleasure.

The low light was a 9km to go sign along the road – I couldn’t believe I had only run 6km. But for those injury free the rest of the run would have been the best and easiest 7-8 km ever. All downhill except for a few straights, I shuffled down very slowly, with lots of people passing me sprinting most of the way to the finish.

Even so the kms passed with minimal cardio effort. There were lots of social plodders and with no expectations but to complete the event, it was nice to chat and join in the country atmosphere. At 7km to go, people were offering sherry. I declined, but many, in the spirit of things, enjoyed them. Hopefully next year, knowing what it is all about I will be more prepared and enjoy the challenge even more.

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