Mandela Day Marathon- An iconic race

By Kevin Hendrikse


This year was the 6th running of the Mandela Day Marathon. It is a marathon steeped in history that commemorates our late President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. It starts in Imbali, where Mandela made his last speech as a free man and ends 42km later where he was captured by the security police in 1962. The race also offers a 21km, 10k and trail run. Once again, many Stella runners, wearing their green and gold journeyed along the freedom route.

The first 21km is tough and arduous, where after 9km you start a 11km ascent up the notorious struggle hill. Step by step you are cheered up the relentless climb until you reach the half way point. Many are broken at this stage but you know you have the worst part of the race behind you. The second half of the race is much easier and undulates through the beautiful rolling hills of the Midlands. With the backdrop of the iconic Nelson Mandela Capture monument you reach the finish line. This race is definitely a race that you will remember. Well done to all the “comrades” that battled and triumphed through the marathon. A special mention to Kanyiso, Alastdair and Siya for all completing the marathon in under 3 hours!

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