From Park Run to Twenty-one

by Marie-Claire Duncan


Marie-Claire with some of the Stella Stars bus at the Durban Runner Challenge

This weekend I conquered my first ever 21.1 km half marathon by completing the Durban Runner Challenge in 2hrs and 18 minutes.

My transition from the occasional park run of five km to a half marathon was only made possible through joining Stella Athletic Club. The camaraderie, training runs, advice and support got me race ready.

I started the first lap of the race with the group, but fell back a bit in fear of running too quickly and tiring out. After completing the first ten km I saw some Stella Stars and caught up to them. This group made my run so awesome. We had our own trainer on the run, telling us when we could walk and when to push as well as sharing sweets with us. We had motivation, team spirit and no runner was left behind. Running into Port Natal School with the Stella Bus was a great feeling!

Overall the race was a great mixture of hills and flat stretches, with semi-road closure and plenty of water tables. But most of all the race was my first half marathon and a race I’ll never forget.

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