Stella Royal

by Alan Gibb
Stella Athletics Club held its annual Stella Royal 25km run/ 10km run/walk on Sunday the 19th March 2017. For some years now we have been doing pre-entries electronically and it is pleasing to see the number of pre-entries increasing each year.

However, there were still a large number of manual late entries and the teams were kept busy at Durban Runner on Friday night and at the club on Saturday. The helpers, many of whom had either run the helpers run in the morning or had assisted with the run spent almost the whole day at the club ensuring that everything was prepared for Sunday.

Race day dawned with nice overcast conditions with some drizzle. Perfect for a good race. Things were not going so well on the logistics side of the organisation, but in typical Stella fashion, people got stuck in and got the deliveries going. In fact, no one noticed that there were problems.

The club used schools to man a number of the tables, and by all accounts a lot of fun was had by the pupils at the tables. The best atmosphere was at the table manned by Jabu and his colleagues near uMbilo park.

I walked around and spoke to the winners of the races, and to a number of runners from other clubs, and not once did I get a complaint. Everybody was most complimentary about the organisers, the marshalls and the tables.

It was nice to see Prodigal, who spends so much time at the club, win the men’s 25km race, and Sandy de Beer, who is a previous winner of the women’s 25km race win the ladies 10km race on the day.

I therefore say thank you very much for all of the hard work that was put into the race by all the club members to ensure that our race was a success. It is not by accident that the race is a success but it is due to the hard work put in by the race committee leading up to the race, as well as by the individual members who sacrifice their time to ensure the success of the race.

Thank you.

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