From the Chairman

by Alan Gibb (Chairman)

Greetings Stella members,

Welcome to the Stella blog. I am particularly excited to see the start of this blog as it is a fantastic opportunity for the committee, and the club to share their experience as well as keep members informed of developments within the club.

As with most of the clubs I interact with, we are facing some challenges. People do not really want to belong to clubs and so choose to either run in races on temporary licenses or belong to “virtual clubs”. These clubs, whilst they serve a purpose, do not, I believe, further the sport of running. If one looks at the wonderful work done by various members of the club to get walkers running or beginners to complete their first race, then I believe a good strong club, with active members, is the way forward for the sport. In my view, Stella certainly offers what every level of runner could possibly need. We have many training groups both formal and informal that cater to every level of runner.

It is also particularly pleasing to see the number of young people joining the club. The future of the club is young people, and we need to encourage young people to join us and be part of the club.

The committee works very hard behind the scenes to make your membership good value for money and doing the best that we can for our runners. We have secured a site at the Comrades finish where our runners can congregate at the end of the race. We will keep you advised of the exact location of the site in due course. We also sent a group of runners to Buffalo City marathon and talking to the runners they all had a good time. The times were also impressive!

The committee has recently re-designed our kit, and the vests are now available at Durban Runner Glenwood. We believe that the modern design stays true to the roots of Stella but is much more vibrant and eye-catching. Please keep your eye out for the vests and give us your feedback. We are in the process of ordering shorts and will let you know when they are available.

Please remember that committee members are always at the club so feel free to approach anyone of them with ideas, input or even complaints that you might have, and we will do our best to address them for you.

I hope that you all achieve your running goals for this year, and I will see you on the road.

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