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Stretching the Gluteal Muscles

By Dr. Grant Matkovich Dear Runners, This time we are going to look at how to stretch the Gluteal muscles. The Gluteal muscles (Glutes) are your ‘butt’ muscles and are made up of three muscles. The 1. Gluteus Maximus, 2. Gluteus Medius and 3. Gluteus Minimus. These butt muscles move the hip so are used […]

Road Captain’s Review

by Sandy Mullins It is hard to believe another crazy year has gone by, one I think most of us can’t wait to say goodbye to. Yet despite all the bumps, we have learnt a lot and grown in many respects. Running, and leading the runs has been a challenge as we have had to […]

Real athletes don’t diet

By Ann Ashworth Diet is not equivalent to nutritionDiet, as in what an athlete eats day to day, has to be up there with one of the most frequently asked questions of any elite athlete. Followers and fans want to know if what an elite athlete eats, is the secret to their success. And it […]

What’s On?

Stella Time Trial & Braai Night: Join us on the FIRST Thursday of each month at 17:45 and walk/run the 5 or 8km Time Trial. A social braai with music is held directly after the Time Trial. Family and friends are welcome to join us. We have changed this to the first Thursday of the month to avoid the clash with the Time Trial League.

Group Runs

  • Gillies: Once a month on a Saturday morning at 05h30 from Stella AC. (Changes to 06h00 in winter). Runners choose between doing the 12km or 16km route. The 16km route has stops for water and cokes (bring coke money). The date will be placed on the Whattsapp groups every month.
  • Evening Groups: Every Tuesday and Thursday from Stella AC starting at 17h15 (8km to 11km)